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Salvador Tours

City Tour
Starting at the mouth of the Bay with itís famous lighthouse we go to the old historical section of town, the Pelourinho area. We visit church of S„o Francisco with itís exuberant gold-leafed Baroque interior.

Olodum Rehearsal
Every Tuesday evening, the Pelourinho area resounds to the sound of the repique and surdo drums of the many drumming troupes of Salvador.We attend the rehearsal where the dances and songs for the coming carnival are rehearsed to the infectious samba-reggae rhythm. Entrance fee to Olodum rehearsal included. Rehearsal begins at 07:00 PM.

Pelourinho by night
The mammoth restoration of the historical Pelourinho district has resulted in a new lease of night life to this, the largest complex of colonial architecture in the Americaís.We have dinner in one of the many first class restaurants in the area. After dinner we will stroll the busy streets where many of the bars offer live music. Busiest on Tuesdays and the weekends.

Bahia by night
The show takes place in the 18th century colonial complex Solar do Uni„o which had itís own church, manor house and slaves quarters, in the old stockrooms and is a showcase of the Candomble; the manculelÍ, a stick and sword dance from the cane fields; the dance of the caboclo, an amerindian hunting dance; capoeira, a martial art/dance of Angolan origin and the samba de roda, a spinning, swirling version of this exuberant national dance.

Cachoeira Country Ride
We leave the city behind and drive through the oldest farmland in Brazil. This is the land of sugar-cane and tobacco plantations, peaceful colonial towns and busy country markets. We visit an experimental cacau plantation. We lunch in Cachoeira, a charming colonial town in a beautiful setting on the banks of the Paraguassu River and later taker a walking tour of the town with itís many wood sculptors ateliers, bustling market (Wed, Fri and Sat) and visit the Sisterhood of the Boa Morte, a sorority which traces itís origins back to the time of slavery.

F/D Praia do Forte
Praia do Forte is a quiet fishing village 80 kms north of Salvador and home to some of the best beaches in Bahia. The road to Praia do Forte (Coconut Highway) takes us to the small villages and deserted beaches of the North Coast. We visit the Sapiranga reserve with itís restinga vegetation, a delicate ecosystem which survives on a sandy soil. We visit the ruins of the imposing castle (1556) which gives the area itís name. Lunch in a local rest.

Island Schooner Cruise
After our transfer from the hotel, we board a schooner and cruise to two of the 36 islands in this sparkling bay. We take our cruise to the larger Itaparica Island for lunch. After lunch we take a walking tour of the colonial town of Itaparica and visit the mineral water springs with its legendary rejuvenating properties.

Mysteries of the Candomble
A short informal lecture on the Candonble att the Afro Brazilian Museum will be followed by a visit to one of the most traditional terreiroís (place of worship) in Salvador. Later we will visit a mae de santo for the jogo de buzios, the ancient divination art involving the throwing and interpretation of the cowry shells.