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Honduras Packages

Roatan Kid's Programs
5 Days / 4 Nights
Take a look at our kid's programs and see which one will suit your family best! Don't forget, we can always customize a program.

Kid's Adventure and Exploration Camp
Camp Philosophy
Bay Islands Beach Resort believes the natural curiosity and energy of kids is the ideal key to learning and playing. Our program provides a focus for their exploration of ideas. The resort property and the island provide a living laboratory. Add a staff trained to draw on the strengths of your children, the environment and the fun of exploration, and you have the Bay Islands Beach Resort Kids' Adventure and Exploration Camp. For one week, your children will play their way through marine biology, ecology, biology, history and physical education. The Bay Islands Beach Resort camp has 44 acres of animals, flowers, trees, palms, ants, parrots, hummingbirds, fruit trees plus a 450' beach with a natural barrier reef, lagoon, grasses and tidepool habitats. A bird park, botanical touch and taste garden, petting zoo and dolphin encounters are within a short walking distance. Each day has a special exploration focus with plenty of time for swimming, snorkeling, and playing on the beach. One night during the week will be set aside for an optional overnight in the Historic Village. The kids will sleep in the historically accurate cane houses, cook on the mudstove and learn island games and stories.

Day 1 Feed Animals Focus: Parrots
Beaches & Tidepools (Critters, fishes, seaweeds, grasses and algae)
Swimming Skills
Island Kids Games and Dances
Trip to Tropical Treasures Bird Park

Day 2 Feed Animals: Focus Deer
Grasses and Lagoon (Worms, starfish, octopus, seahorses, juvenile tropical fishes)
Snorkeling Lessons and Grasses Tour
Pirates of the Caribbean
Carambola Gardens Trip

Day 3 Feed Animals: Focus Turtles
Reef Front: Fishes, sea cucumbers, shrimps, crabs, corals, rays, barracuda,
Snorkeling and Swimming
Strange and Unusual Plants and Critters

Day 4 Animals: Focus Agoutis and Pets
Corals and Related Friends (hard, soft, fire corals, anemones, jellyfish, squid)
Glass-bottomed Boat Tour
Island Houses, Food, School
Cookout for parents in Historic Village
Overnight in Village for the adventurous campers (conditions permitting)

Day 5 Feed Animals: Focus Iguana
Beach Picnic
Treasure Hunt
Awards Program
Roatan Museum & Dolphin Show
Kayaking, Snorkeling & Swimming

Typical Kids' Schedule
Morning Program
8:00 Campers meet in Park
8:30 Animal Talk
10:30 Marine Exploration
11:00 Swimming, Volleyball, Kayaking and Beach Games
11:45 Lunch Break
Afternoon Program
1:00 Island Lore Activities
2:00 Island Exploration Trip
4:00 End of Day
The program is ideal for children between 6 and 14 years of age. Families can select from the full or halfday program either by the day or by the week. Kids meet the camp leaders each morning at 8am. Parents go diving, and when the boat returns, the kids join their parents for lunch. Those kids in the full day program rejoin the leaders at 1pm and continue to explore the island until 4pm (usually the return time for the parent's afternoon dives.) Parents are welcome to join their children in the camp. The times on the above schedule are approximate. We tailor the events to you children's interests. If they aren't finished with an activity, we may run late. The ages are guidelines and not rules. Older kids are welcome to join in.

Island Explorers

  • Ages 6 - 14
  • Animal Talk
  • SASY's and Snorkeling - click here to learn more about SASY's and snorkeling
  • Hands-on Marine Biology
  • Reef Exploration
  • Marine Life Identification
  • Swimming, Volleyball, Kayaking
  • Historic Village Overnight
  • Island Cooking
  • Building Island Homes
  • Island Games and Stories
  • Land Crab Hunt
  • Glass Bottomed Boat Ride
  • Tropical Treasures Bird Park
  • Carambola Botanical Gardens

    Treasure hunters Program (Ages 4 & 5)
  • Snorkeling and Reef Exploration Tidepooling
  • Snorkeling for swimmers
  • Fish Feeding and Identification
  • Swimming Lessons

    Arts and Crafts
  • Historic Village
  • Crab Races
  • Island Games including Dancing around an Island Plat Pole (Maypole)
  • Parrots and Tropical Treasures Bird Park
  • Glass-bottomed Boatride
  • Island Tour with Family and Friends (including iguana farm)
    Prices available upon request.

    All our tour packages include: Please click here