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Mexico Packages

Mexican Heritage
15 Days / 14 Nights

Mexico is a fascinating country and has so much to offer in the way of culture, history, archaeology, dress, music, food and of course scenery. Join with us for a trip through the classical part of this country and experience at first-hand many of these attractions.

Day 1 - Arrival day in Mexico City
Meet and greet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 2 - City Tour / Museum
Breakfast in the hotel. The morning City Tour will concentrate on the area of the Zocalo. It will include visits to the 18th Century Cathedral, the National Palace with the famous murals by Diego Rivera and there will be an option for those who wish to visit the ruins of the 'Templo Mayor' (Not included in the price). This is a recently-discovered ruin of an Aztec Temple next to the Cathedral and it also has a small museum. The afternoon will be devoted to the Museum of Anthropology, considered the best of its kind. It displays many treasures of the different pre-Hispanic Mexican cultures. Overnight. The visits will take approximately 6 hours.

Day 3 - Teotihuacan
Breakfast in the hotel. The tour will first stop at the Plaza of 3 Cultures, so-called because of the ruins of an Aztec Temple, a church from the Spanish Conquest and a 'modern' housing estate all to be seen in the area. The tour continues to the Basilica of Guadalupe - the most important religious shrine in all Mexico and America's pilgrimage center, the people can appreciate the old Basilica as well as the newer building. Then the tour continues to the imposing Pyramids of Teotihuacan, probably the greatest vestige of the Aztec Empire, where the people will visit the two Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, the temple of Quetzatcoatl, walk along the 'Avenue of the Dead' and also visit the Museum. Overnight. The visits take approx 7 hours.

Day 4 - Mexico City / Cuernavaca / Taxco / Tequesquitengo
Breakfast in the hotel. The tour takes the people firstly to Cuernavaca - the city of 'Eternal Spring' where the Spanish Conqueror, Hernan Cortes, had his summer palace. The people visit the Cathedral, which is the oldest in the Americas and will have the option of visiting the Museum dedicated to Cortes (Not included in the price). Then the tour continues on to the silver mining City of Taxco, which is today under monument's protection and where you can find the best silver handicrafts in the country. Coaches are not allowed in the center of the town, so the people will walk up to the impressive center along the cobble stoned streets. There will be a visit to the splendid Santa Prisca Church on the main square, which was built by Don Jose de la Borda as a gift to Taxco, this is a landmark in the area and then the people will have time for shopping in the silver shops before leaving to Tequesquitengo. Overnight at Hacienda Vista Hermosa. DISTANCE - Approx 150 kms . TIME - Approx 7 hours.

Day 5 - Tequesquitengo / Oaxaca
Breakfast in the hotel. The journey across the Sierra Madre mountains to Oaxaca is very scenic. You will see amazing landscapes and vegetation. When you arrive in Oaxaca, you will understand why it was declared "Cultural Heritage of Mankind" by the UNESCO. This old colonial town shows in its plazas, in the Cathedral of Santo Domingo and in many more enchanting places, all the richness of the Spanish Period. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 500 kms . TIME - Approx 8-9 hours with various stops on the way!

Day 6 - Oaxaca
Breakfast in the hotel. The morning is spent visiting the city of Oaxaca and the most important stops will be at the Regional Museum, which is a fascinating place and the famous Santo Domingo Church. A lot of the visit can be made on foot, as the center of Oaxaca is quite small. In the afternoon the excursion is out to Monte Alban, built on a hilltop -flattened by the Zapotec Indians- overlooking Oaxaca over 2500 years ago, and the trip there takes about 25 minutes only. Overnight.

Day 7 - Oaxaca / Tehuantepec
Breakfast in the hotel. As the ruins at Mitla are on the road to Chiapas we plan the visit on leaving Oaxaca. Mitla was a Zapotec settlement from as early as 100 AD.After the decline of Monte Alban, it became one of the most important Zapotec centers. The trip to Mitla takes about 45 minutes and after the visit the journey continues over the mountains and on to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec to the city of the same name. Overnight at Hotel Calli. DISTANCE - Approx 255 kms. TIME - Approx 7-8 hours, including the visit to Mitla.

Day 8 - Tehuantepec / San Cristobal
Breakfast in the hotel. The continuation to Chiapas and Tuxtla Gutierrez is over the hot dusty Isthmus , we will pass the capital of Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutierrez, a clean, surprisingly lively and prosperous city. Just at the other side of the town is the magnificent Sumidero Canyon, where the River Grijalva cuts its way through the high rock formations. This is the place where the local Indians hurled themselves into the Canyon rather than submit to the Spanish Conquerors. The group will be taken on a spectacular boat ride into the Canyon itself that will give you the chance to see it at it's best. Following this to San Cristobal is about another 2 hours. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 350 kms. TIME - Approx 8 hours, including the visit to the Canyon.

Day 9 - San Cristobal
Breakfast in the hotel. The Indian villages of San Juan Chamula and Zinancantan lie just outside San Cristobal. San Juan Chamula is where the Chamula Indians live and there will be a visit to the special church where they carry out their religious practices (no cameras allowed !). Zinacantan is where the Indians wear brightly-coloured clothes, the road to this village offers a fabulous scenery! (Again no photos allowed!) In the afternoon there will be time to walk around San Cristobal and see some of the beautiful colonial architecture of the city. Overnight.

Day 10 - San Cristobal / Palenque
Breakfast in the hotel. The road to Palenque comes out of the Chiapan Highlands and down to the more jungle-like scenery in the area of the famous ruins. About 1 hour out of Palenque nearby the road are the beautiful Waterfalls of Agua Azul, considered one of the wonders of Mexico, the water comes straight out of the mountains and cascades down several falls into turquoise pools surrounded by jungle. The people can swim there if they so wish. Continuation to Palenque afterwards. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 250 kms. TIME - Approx 5-6 hours

Day 11 - Palenque / Campeche
Breakfast in the hotel. The whole morning is taken up with visiting the extensive ruins at Palenque, surrounded by emerald jungle, Palenque's setting is superb and its Mayan architecture and decoration are exquisite, at the peak of Palenque's power, the entire city was painted vermilion, you should not miss the crypt in the Temple of inscriptions and the museum, everything you will see here was achieved without metal tools, pack animals or the wheel! From there it is on to Campeche, a city filled with historic buildings. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 300 kms. TIME - Approx 6 hours.

Day 12 - Campeche / Merida
Breakfast in the hotel. The distance from Campeche to Merida is relatively short and between there are the ruins at Uxmal and Kabah. The first ruins visited are at Kabah, undoubtedly the most impressive building here is the Palace of the Masks, offering an amazing sight, with its fašade covered in nearly 300 masks of Chac, the rain god or sky serpent. Then one of the highlights of Yucatan, the ruins at Uxmal. There will be plenty of time to visit all the major points of the ruins such as the Pyramid of the magician, the Nunnery quadrangle, the House of turtles and the Governor's Palace before continuing on to Merida to arrive in the late afternoon. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 200 kms. TIME - Approx 9 hours, including the visits.

Day 13 - Merida / Cancun
Breakfast in the hotel. The new highway from Merida to Cancun passes by Chichen Itza, one of the largest and best kept sites in Mexico. It actually is two cities, one ruled by the Mayans during the 6th - 10th centuries, and the older, a Toltec-Mayan city emerged around 1000 AD. Don't miss the towering Castillo with its cosmological symbolism - There are 365 steps (depicting the solar year), 52 panels (for each year in the Mayan century) and 18 terraces (for the number of months in the religious year). The enormous ball court nearby, is the largest ever discovered, and is lined with fascinating carvings. Continuation to the world-famous resort of Cancun is direct and the road is very straight. Overnight. DISTANCE - Approx 400 kms. TIME - Approx 9 hours, including the visit.

Day 14 - Cancun
Breakfast. A final day of leisure to enjoy the beautiful waters and the clear - white sand of Cancun. Overnight.

Day 15 - Cancun flight out
Breakfast. Free time until the transfer to the airport for the flight out of Cancun.

*** End Of Our Services ***

Prices available upon request.
This price include all transport costs in a full-sized, air-conditioned coach with audio system and microphone, 14 nights on DBL basis, 14 American breakfasts, tips and service charges at the hotels and airports, tips for the guide and driver, 01 English-speaking guide throughout the program, 01 free for the Tour Leader on SGL basis.
NO airfare nor airport taxes are included in the above mentioned prices.
Drinks and beverages: NO drinks or beverages are included in the above mentioned prices.
Tips to guide and driver: Tips to the guide and driver are included in the above mentioned prices.

Hotels to used:
Standard Hotels: Hotel Casablanca in Mexico, Hacienda Vistahermosa in Tequesquitengo, Hotel Mision de los Angeles in Oaxaca, Hotel Calli in Tehuantepec, Hotel Diego de Mazariegos in San Cristobal de las Casas, Hotel Plaza Palenque in Palenque, Hotel del Mar in Campeche, Hotel Los Aluxes in Merida, Hotel Villas Tacul in Cancun.
First Class Hotels: Hotel Galeria Plaza in Mexico, Hacienda Vistahermosa in Tequesquitengo, Hotel Camino Real in Oaxaca, Hotel Calli in Tehuantepec, Hotel Casa Mexicana in San Cristobal de las Casas, Hotel Mision in Palenque, Hotel del Mar in Campeche, Hotel El Conquistador in Merida, Hotel Sheraton Resort & Towers in Cancun.

Transport: I quoted a full-sized, air-conditioned coach (44 seater) with audio system and microphone.
Tour Leader from your side: One Tour Leader from your side is included for free (on SGL basis) in the above mentioned prices.
Guide: An English-speaking guide will be with the group throughout the program. The guide will not stay with the group on the beach in Cancun.
Entrance fees: Entrance fees to the museums, archaeological sites and boat ride at the Sumidero Canyon mentioned in the itinerary are included in the prices.
Half board: This price is based on 14 fixed Dinner menus at the below mentioned hotels.

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