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Mexico Packages

Yucatan and Southeast Mexico
13 Days / 12 Nights

The Real Maya World - This program provides the Maya areas top guides and professional archaeologists who offer real behind the scenes insight while observing the incredible natural wonders that abound.

Highlights: Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Loltun Caves, Merida, Palenque, Bonampak, Agua Azul, Tulum

Day 1 - Arrival Cancun transfer to Chichen Itza
Smooth and easy flight south (no jet leg) to Cancun. Upon arrival you'll be met by our bilingual guide and archaeologist who will accompany you on the program. We'll depart for the lovely Villas Archeologicas Lodge adjacent to Chichen Itza, offer an early evening bird walk, and wrap up our day with a welcome dinner and program orientation.

Day 2 - Chichen Itza Archaeological Site
At Chichen Itza we'll be offered real behind the scenes information about this famed Postclassic Maya city-state the best preserved site on the peninsula. Highlights include the Observatory, the Nunnery, Temple of the Warriors, one of the new world's largest ball courts, and the sacred cenote. We'll have another peaceful evening at our comfortable lodge adjacent to the site.

Day 3 - Ek Balam & Historic Cities of Vallodolid and Merida
The Classic period Maya site of Ek Balam (Black Jaguar) offers us unique fortifications, chultunes, and a corbelled Maya arch. We'll lunch, sightsee, and shop in historic Valladolid before we continue our journey to the Yucatan's capital city of Merida. Your afternoon is free to explore the colonial significant city of Merida.

Day 4 - Uxmal and Kabah Maya Ruins & Evening Light Show
We open our day at the Late Classic Maya site of Uxmal which exhibits the most complex expression of Puuc architecture. Then on to Kabah where the building Codz Poop has a facade with 250 Chac masks. We'll be treated to the evening light show at the Maya site of Uxmal.

Day 5 - Labna, Sayil & Loltun Caves
Labna with the spectacular structure known as the Arch will be our first stop of the day. We'll wrap up our Puuc region tour at the site of Sayil after which we'll visit Lolton Caves, the longest cave system in the Yucatan. An afternoon stop at Ticul Maya Arte Studio will allow us to see some talented artisans produce some of Mexico's most accurate reproductions.

Day 6 - Champoton & Agua Azul
En route to Palenque we'll lunch on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico in Champoton. And in the afternoon we can take a cool swim at one of the 500 exquisite cascades at Agua Azul National Park offering Mexico's most beautiful waterfalls.

Day 7 - Palenque and Pacal's Tomb
Our group will visit Palenque one of the most well preserved and imposing Maya sites due to its beautiful jungle setting. We'll see the main site in the morning and in the afternoon we'll be privileged to areas that are closed to the general public. Inside the Temple of Inscriptions Pacal's tomb is accessed via shafts that took three years to clear out before Pacal's Tomb could be studied. New archaeological finds and discoveries will be presented to our group.

Day 8 - Usumacinta River Excursion, Yaxchilan, Lacandon Rainforest, & Bonampak
An early morning excursion on the Usumacinta River will offer views of Black Howler Monkeys, Toucans, and other wildlife to name a few. The site of Yaxchilan is only accessible by boat and is one of the most dramatic of all Maya sites. A spectacular hike to Bonampak brings us to this truly undisturbed site that provide us with a chance to see the remarkable Temple of the Paintings. These vividly colored murals help us understand life ways of the ancient Maya. (Lunch included).

Day 9 - Palenque Museum & The Maya Rio Bec Region- Becan
We stay amongst and visit a group of stylistically similar Maya sites located in the Rio Bec region. The ancient city of Becan whose occupation began around 550 BC and is thought to be the principal Maya Center of this region will occupy our late afternoon.

Day 10 - Kohunlich Ruins & Cenote Azul
An optional early morning bird walk will be offered for those who are interested. Later in the morning the entire group will see the Temple of Masks at the fascinating site of Kohunlich whose stairsides are flanked with what may be the Maya sun god, Kinich Ahau. We'll eat a delicious lunch while overlooking Cenote Azul prior to departing for Akumal where we'll wrap up the remainder of our program.

Day 11 - Yax' Ka Laguna Snorkeling
A truly magical snorkel - which may include viewing, from a distance, nesting sea turtles - will certainly include a diverse amount of fish species will start our day at Yax' Ka. Your afternoon can be spent by the pool, at the beach, diving, fishing, or chilling out in your air-conditioned room!.

Day 12 - Tulum & Ancient Maya Ballgame Re-enactment
This day will take us to the most spectacularly positioned of all Maya sites on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. In the evening Xcaret will offer us a fascinating re-enactment of the ancient Maya ballgame found nowhere else.

Day 13 - Departure
This day brings the end to our program as we catch our international flights home from Cancun.


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Prices available upon request.
Hotels to use:
- Villas Archeologicas Chichen Itza and Uxmal: Elegant Club Meds surrounded by high culture and natural wonders
- Gran Hotel: Premier accommodations in historic Merida
- Chan Kah Ruinas Hotel: Beautifully landscaped private bungalows
- Chicanna Eco-Village: Immaculate lodge with beautiful grounds
- Club Villas Maya Caribe - Akumal: Beach side breezes abound at this Caribbean location

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