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Multi - Country Packages

Bolivia and Peru
14 Days
/ 13 Nights
La Paz, Tiahuanaco Ruins, Titikaka Lake Crossing, Rail Journey through
the Andes, Cuzco, Machu Picchu with overnight stay, Colca Canyon,
Lima, Chan Chan Ruins, and the Lord of Sipan Site.

Day 1
Arrive La Paz. Upon arrival at the airport a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and in registering.

Day 2
Tiahuanaco Ruins, La Paz City Tour and Moon Valley full day - Considered to be "The Cradle of the American Civilizations," this city was once the largest in the world. Parts of this highly developed culture are the Akapana pyramid, the Monoliths, the temples of Kalasasaya and the underground temple of Kontiki. Stand in awe in front of the Sun Gate with the crying God carved on the upper front part. Wonder in amazement at how hundreds of years have passed, but the stones beneath your feet were walked on then as they are today. Afternoon visit to the extraordinary city of La Paz, with its towering structures and colorful downtown market. Tour includes a visit to the open air museum, Casa Murillo (Colonial Museum) and the residential section of Obrajes. Next stop, you step out of your space shuttle onto the dusty surface ... or that is step out of your bus and look out over the Moon Valley. Have plenty of film on hand, this is the closest simulation you'll find of the moon on earth (NASA envies the realism of this place). Eroding sand has left astounding clay formations that resemble the moon's surface. Standing on the very edge of the valley, you just may feel weightlessness. (B)

Day 3
Titikaka Lake Crossing - Combination of bus and hydrofoil from La Paz to Puno - Drive to Huatajata to cross the lake to Copacabana visiting the Moon and Sun Islands. According to the legend, Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo (sun and daughter of the Sun God Inti) came down to earth on this island in order to improve the life of Andean people. Walk up Inca steps to drink from the Sacred Spring, believed to grant eternal life and happiness. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake before arriving at Copacabana. Continue by motor coach to Puno in Peru. Lunch en route. (B,L)

Day 4
Train - Puno/Cuzco.
Rail journey through the Peruvian Andes from Puno - Today one of South America's most extraordinary overland trips takes you by rail to Cuzco passing through striking highland scenery and picturesque Andean villages. Upon your arrival in Cuzco, the former capital of the Inca Empire, a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and help you to register. Box lunch is included. In case the train does not operate the journey through the Andes will be by motor-coach. (B,L)

Day 5
Full day excursion to the Pisac Indian Market and the Ollantaytambo Fortress - Morning departure from the hotel for a drive through the fertile countryside to the colonial village of Pisac, where an Indian Market takes place on Tue., Thus., and Sun. Here you will have the opportunity to bargain with the natives for many different types of Peruvian handicrafts and jewelry. After lunch, the tour continues along the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Urubamba, to visit the Inca fortress and town of Ollantaytambo during the afternoon. (B,L)

Day 6
Excursion to Machu Picchu - Early wake up for a train ride through the sacred valley of Urubamba to the "Lost City of the Incas," Machu Picchu. Perched 8,200 feet above the valley, it was hidden by mountains and semitropical jungles for 400 years until being discovered by Hiram Bingham of Yale University in 1911. Archaeologists believe that the Inca "Virgins of the Sun" took refuge from the Spanish Conquistadors here. Guided tour of the ruins upon arrival. All transfers are included. (B,L)

Day 7
Return to Cuzco - Free morning to enjoy one of the most incredible sights on earth, the ruins of Machu Picchu. Take as much time as you need to study the mysterious ruins, climb Huayna Picchu, walk to the Inca Bridge or hike toward the Inca Trail to find the historic Sun Gate. Transfer to the train station for return to Cuzco. (B,L)

Day 8
Transfer from hotel to the airport for departure. Flight to Arequipa. Upon arrival at the airport a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and in registering. Complimentary tour of Arequipa and Santa Catalina Convent. (B)

Day 9
Two Day Excursion to the Colca Canyon - Early departure towards the highlands passing through Yura-Pampa Cañahuas and La Pulpera with good possibility of observing groups of wild vicuñas and fighting cattle. Stop en route to see petrogliphs in the Caves of Mollepunco and in the town of Callali to see natural hill formations with the appearance of enchanted castles. Drive to La Calera to enjoy the thermal baths under the stars. Return to Chivay for overnight. (B,L,D)

Day 10
To maximize your probability of seeing condors we depart very early towards the "Cross of the Condor" at about an altitude of 15,000 feet. Drive further in to the canyon to see some pre-Inca ruins and watch the way of life in this remote land. Return to Chivay for lunch and afternoon return to Arequipa. (B,L)

Day 11
Transfer from hotel to the airport for departure.
Flight to Lima. Tour of Colonial and Modern Lima and a Visit to the Gold Museum - This half day tour visits both the colonial and modern sections of this "City of Kings." Colonial sites include the lovely Plaza de Armas with its cathedral and palace, and the exquisite Torre Tagle Palace modern day seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In modern Lima, drive along the exclusive residential areas of Miraflores and San Isidro. Then visit Peru's famous museum which houses a priceless collection of pre-Colombian gold artifacts as well as the private armory of Miguel Mujica Gallo. Some of the cultures represented in this collection include the Chavin, Paracas, Nazca, Tiahuanaco and Inca. (B)

Day 12
Transfer from hotel to the airport for departure.
Flight to Trujillo. Tour of Chan Chan - Visit the largest pre-Columbian city in America. Chan Chan the capital of the Chimu culture which lasted from about 1000 AD to 1470 AD is located just north of Trujillo. It is estimated to have housed 50,000 people. The Chimu is remembered as a highly organized urban society. Their huge capital contained about 10,000 dwellings, building were decorated with friezes, the design molded into the mud walls and the more important areas were layered with precious metals. The Chimu were conquered by the Incas in 1460 but the city was not looted until the arrival of the Spanish.(B)

Day 13
Transfer to Chiclayo.
Lord of Sipan visit - After 30 minutes drive from Chiclayo you will arrive at the archaeological site "The Lord of Sipan". Certainly one of the most important archaeological discovery of the century. Its importance was compared to the discoveries of the tomb of Tutankhamen and Machu Picchu. A governor of the Moche culture was taken from his long sleep of more than 1700 years. The importance of this tomb is highlighted by the fact that the Lord of Sipan was buried in a wood coffin with clasps of bronze and human skeletons were found outside the sarcophagus; two young woman at the head and feet of the lord, two men at either side of the body, and the skeleton of a dog apparently all sacrificed during the funeral rites. (B)

Day 14
Transfer from hotel to the airport for departure for flight home. (B)

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Hotels to use: Gran Hotel Paris in La Paz, Libertador Isla Esteves in Puno, Libertador in Cuzco, El Pueblo in Machu Picchu, Country Club in Lima, Libertador in Trujillo, Gran Hotel Chiclayo in Chiclayo.
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