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Brazil and Argentina # 4
12 Days / 11 Nights
Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Iguassu Falls, and Buenos Aires

Day 1 - Arrival in Rio de Janeiro
Upon arrival at the airport a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and in registering. The Rio natives or carioca will make you feel welcome through their uncanny good humor and contagious happiness. They boast Rio de Janeiro to be, "The most beautiful city of the world" as it hosts a turquoise sea, stunning lagoons, awesome mountains and gorgeous sandy beaches.
Dinner and Samba Show at Plataforma 1 - Rio's nightlife offers something for everyone and can be compared to any other major city's nightlife in the world. Enjoy a welcome dinner at a typical churrascaria, followed by the allegoric Samba Show of Brazilian music and folklore at the famous "Plataforma 1". (AB).

Day 2 - Sugar Loaf Mountain and Downtown Rio
Start your morning with a tour of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Guanabara Bay. Ascend the mountain by cable car for breathtaking panoramic views. Next, proceed to downtown Rio. In season (October-February) take the optional "Carnival Behind the Scenes" tour to meet the artists of the Carnival and to get a special preview of work in progress on the carnival floats and costumes. The rest of the year the optional tour will feature the "Secrets of Old Rio", a walking tour through the historic avenues, squares and back streets of Rio. The balance of the day is free. (AB).

Day 3 - Excursion to Corcovado and Tijuca Forest
The mountain drive to Corcovado (2,400 ft. elevation) is a succession of superb view sites from heavily forested heights of Tijuca - Chinese View (1,300 ft.) and Emperor's Table (1,500 ft.) are particularly sublime. The exhilarating ascent culminates at Rio's highest peak, the Corcovado (Hunchback) with its majestic 125 ft. high statue of Christ the Redeemer looking out over the entire city. There is a stiff climb (225 steps - 3 flights of stairs) from the lower level to the statue base and viewing platform, so comfortable shoes should be worn. Return is via the Tijuca Rain Forest, with its brilliant tropical flowers and lush foliage, and to nearby Tawnay waterfalls, passing Niemeyer palisades on return. (AB).

Day 4 - Flight to Bahia
Transfer to the airport and fly to Salvador, Bahia in Northeastern Brazil. Transfer to your selected hotel. Bahia is the cultural heartland of Brazil where African, Portuguese and Indian cultures began the mixture that spawned the Brazilian identity.
City Tour of Salvador - Starting at the mouth of the Bay with its famous lighthouse, we go to the old historical section of town, the Pelourinho area. We visit the church of São Francisco with its exuberant gold-leafed Baroque interior.
Bahia By Night - A festive dance production will take place in the 18th century colonial complex Solar do União which had its own church, manor house and slaves quarters, in the old stockrooms and showcases the Candomble. You will be stunned by a series of dances, including the manculelê, a stick and sword dance from the cane fields, the caboclo, an Amerindian hunting dance, the capoeira, a martial art/dance of Angolan origin, and the samba de roda, a spinning, swirling version of this exuberant national dance. (AB)

Day 5 - Island Schooner Cruise
After our transfer from the hotel, we board a schooner and cruise to two of the 36 islands in this sparkling bay. We take our cruise to the larger Itaparica Island for lunch. After lunch we take a walking tour of the colonial town of Itaparica and visit the mineral water springs with its legendary rejuvenating properties. (AB,L)

Day 6 - Flight to Iguassu
Transfer from hotel to the airport for departure. Flight to Iguassu. Upon arrival transfer to hotel. (AB).
Iguassu Falls: The most spectacular falls in the world. The Iguazu river throws an average of 1700 cubic meters of water per second down 275 falls spread in a half moon shape 2.7 kilometers (4.32 miles) wide and 70m (210 feet) high. Most of the falls are located on the Argentinean side, but in order to get a good view the visitor must cross over to the Brazilian side for at least a few hours. You will have a close look at the flora and fauna while walking through the Argentinean catwalks in between the falls at the lower level or upper level. Here you will discover the amazing varieties of ferns, begonias, orchids, birds, and butterflies. In order to get to the main attraction, Devil's Throat, you will be transferred to Puerto Canoas. From there you will approach Devil's Throat by boat, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing spray from the falls.

Day 7 - Guided tour of the Brazilian and Argentinean side of the Iguazu Falls
As the Das Cataratas Hotel is conveniently located inside the Iguassu National Park property, you will embark on a guided walking tour of the falls, considered to be one of the wonders of the world. Here you will see the waters of the Paraná River plunge in 32 separate falls over a 200-foot precipice two and a half miles wide. These colossal waterfalls make the Niagara look miniscule. For those staying at a different hotel, transfers to and from the falls are included.
Guided excursion of the Argentinean side of Iguazu Falls - After enjoying the Brazilian side of the Falls, another perspective of the beauty of Iguazu can be gained from the Argentinean side of the Falls. They are located inside Iguazu National Park, one of the first protected natural areas in South America, declared Natural Patrimony of Humankind by Unesco. We will walk through the Inferior and Superior paths admiring the breathtaking 275 cascades, which spread across a gulf of nearly 2 miles and pour past lush tropical vines as they crash into the waters below. After the walk we will drive to Puerto Canoas and take a boat ride to the Devil's throat observation deck to enjoy the most impressive view of the very heart of the falls. (AB)
Optional Nautical Adventure Boat Excursion - Boat excursion to the Argentinean and Brazilian side of the Falls, to admire the falls from the bottom. Take a short walk down from the Inferior Path to board your speed boat to San Martin Island. You will have a view of the Brazilian side of the falls, and you will navigate along the island shore for a view of the Argentinean side of the falls.

Day 8 - San Ignacio Ruins
Today we will visit San Ignacio, the most important archaeological complex of Jesuits ruins, a Unesco World Heritage Site. This tour will take you back in time to the 17th century when the Catholic priests decided to convert the Guarani Indians to Christianity and started their settlements in the jungle. We will see the imposing remains of the temple, the main square and the Indian houses that surround it. We will admire their urban layout and the artistic works of the Indians. Return to the hotel. On the way back we will visit Minas de Wanda, a semi precious stone mine. We will also view typical plantations of tea and "yerba mate". Lunch is included. (AB,L)

Day 9 - Flight to Buenos Aires
After breakfast take time for track scouting, listing (complete checklist of viewed fauna) , packing and relaxing at the pool area. Or take a self-guided tour at the hanging "passarelle" and the "orchid's trail". Leave the lodge after lunch to arrive at 1445 Puesto Tigre, 2 Km away from Puerto Iguazu airport in Argentina. Transfer to airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival at the airport a host will meet and assist you in transferring to the hotel and in registering. Buenos Aires is the most elegant and cosmopolitan city of South America. One is fascinated by the atmosphere and the individual personality of each of its neighborhoods. (AB,L)
Evening Tango Show and Dinner.

Day 10 - Buenos Aires City Tour
In this tour of Argentina's cultural and political capital, you will get a sampling glimpse of the diverse districts that make up this grand city. Visit the colorful "Boca" district and the elegant North Quarter and Palermo Park. See the government's "Casa Rosada" - pink house, the Colon Theater, May Square and drive down the famous 9th of July Avenue. (AB)

Day 11 - Estancia excursion and Fiesta Gaucha

This is the ideal opportunity to sample a bit of traditional Argentine country life. Depart from the pier towards Cardales, only 90 km from downtown Buenos Aires, to visit Santa Susana Estancia. Its 1200 hectares are devoted mainly to agriculture and cattle breeding. A couple of years ago the Estancia began holding gaucho parties for visitors. Upon arrival a welcome drink with empanadas (meat pies) will be served at the Pulpería. Later, feast on a typical Argentine barbecue accompanied by Argentine wine. As you finish your lunch, enjoy a show with folk and tango music and dances. Afterwards, see a cuadreras and ring races where gauchos exhibit their skills as horsemen. Late in the afternoon, a snack consisting of home made pastries and yerba mate will be served. Horses and carriages are available for rides. (AB,L)

Day 12 - Departure
Free day in Buenos Aires. Evening transfer from hotel to the airport for departure. You will arrive home full of great memories of the passion of Tango, the wondrous Iguazu falls, the rhythm of Samba and the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. (AB)

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