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Venezuela Packages

Gran Sabana # 1
3 Days / 2 Nights

Orchid Island, beautiful Muyapa, Sapo, and Yuri Falls, the Pemon Indian outpost of Kavak--these are some of the places; sunbathing, exploring waterfalls, enjoying a birds-eye view of the area by plane, swimming, birdwatching--these are some of the activities. When visiting Canaima you may these and more on the optional excursions we offer. Come to this incredible area of Venezuela today!

Day 1 - Caracas / Canaima

Upon arrival in Canaima, pay National Park fee (about $10 US), before proceeding to front desk to check in (patience is advised). Accommodations are in comfortable private bungalows with hot running water and ceiling fans. Meals are included and served buffet-style in the large open-air dining area overlooking Hacha Falls and Canaima lagoon.
Canaima's location is spectacular; it is situated on a peaceful, wide stretch of the Rio Carrao, known as Laguna Canaima, just below the point where the river becomes a chain of magnificent falls. The rose-colored lagoon is bordered by a pink beach. The falls also have conspicuously colored water, ranging from pale yellow to rich sienna, like torrents of tea and coffee. The color of this and other black water rivers in this region comes from tannin, which dissolves in the water from the leaves of local trees, especially the Brommetia tree.
Included in your stay is a spectacular overflight of Devil's Canyon, Auyan-tepui and Angel Falls in a specially equipped, converted DC-3. Also included is a brief boat excursion in the Canaima Lagoon for a close-up view of Hacha Falls. You will be advised of departure times for these excursions when you arrive. The beautiful white sand beach at Canaima lagoon is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy the unique backdrop of Canaima National Park. The lagoon's cool, soft water (dark in color from the tannins) offers refreshing respite from the Gran Sabana's midday heat. For the bird watcher, there are numerous opportunities to add many tropical species to your lists. In the evening, video documentaries on Canaima National Park can be viewed in the lounge area adjacent to the dining room. Accommodations are in comfortable private bungalows with hot running water and ceiling fans. Meals are included and served buffet-style in the large open-air dining area overlooking Hacha Falls and Canaima lagoon. (L,D)

Day 2 -
Today you can explore the Gran Sabana on various guided excursions. (B,L,D)

Day 3 -
Canaima / Caracas
After breakfast your morning is free to arrange for a short excursion or explore the camp area on your own. After checking out you will be transferred to the airstrip for your flight. (B)

Note: Also during your visit, arrangements for additional excursions (not included in trip package) can be made on-site. Prices vary from $30-$240 US, and depending on weather conditions, water levels, availability and your own adventure level. See below.

Optional Excursions

Full Day Trip to Angel Falls - After coffee and a light snack, depart from Camp Canaima around 6:00a by jeep for a 15-minute ride to Puerto Ucaima, located over Canaima Falls. From there, board a motorized dugout canoe (curiara) and set off up the Carrao River, which is lined by luxuriant vegetation. After another short jeep trip around Mayupa rapids, continue up river, stopping to view the spectacular scenery of the "Lost World". Giant "tepuis" loom over the savannah and jungle below and countless waterfalls gracefully descend the face of Auyan-tepui. The journey continues passing by Arautaima rapids, Pozo de la Felicidad and Orchid Island. Upon arrival at Orchid Island, breakfast will be served. Afterward, continue upriver, leaving the Carrao River behind, and proceeding up the Churun River. After about one hour, you will reach Ratoncito Island, from where you can observe Angel Falls. From Ratoncito Island, a one hour leads to El Mirador, a lookout point offering superb views and photographic opportunities (weather permitting) to capture the massive rocky face of Auyan-tepui and "Salto Angel" in the warm morning sun. You may remain here for approximately one hour. Return to Ratoncito Island for lunch and head back downriver to Orchid Island. At the end of the journey visit El Sapo and Sapito Falls, returning to Camp Canaima around 6:00p.
Full-day trip to Orchid Island - Departing camp on a 20-minute walk to Puerto Ucaima, you'll embark in motorized dugout canoes and head up the Carrao River to the Mayupa plain. Here a vehicle awaits to cross the sabana before boarding another canoe to continue up the same river. Along the way, pass the Arautaima Indian village before continuing on towards Auyan-tepui or Devil's Mountain. Arriving at Orchid Island, there will be time to explore the area before lunch. In the afternoon, enjoy the islands beautiful beaches and a swim before returning downriver to Canaima.
Half-day excursion to Mayupa - Beginning with the 20-minute walk to Puerto Ucaima, load into motorized dugout canoes for a trip up the Carrao River to Caño Moroco to explore Sapo and El Sapito falls. If river conditions permit, you'll also visit the Mayupa rapids and Caño Mayupita for a swim.
Full-day trip to Mayupa and Sapo Falls - After a 20-minute walk to Puerto Ucaima, shove-off in motorized dugout canoes up the Carrao River to the Sabana (plain) de Mayupa. You'll explore Sapo and Sapito Falls and take a refreshing swim under the waterfalls before continuing up the Caño Moroco stream to see El Venado (the deer) and El Zamuro (the vulture) mesas. Enjoy an Indian-style barbecue lunch before visiting the Mayupa rapids en route back to camp.
Half-day excursion to Yuri Falls - Depart Canaima by vehicle for a 20-minute drive across the savanna to Puerto Verde where you board a motorized dugout canoe and head down the Carrao River. Arriving at Puerto Yuri, a 15-minute walk through the jungle leads to the falls and beaches of Yuri where you will have plenty of time for swimming and exploring.
Full-day trip to Kavak - After breakfast, board a single or twin-engine plane for a 20-minute flight to the Pemon Indian outpost of Kavak located at the base of Auyan-Tepui. En route, you'll catch a spectacular birds-eye view of Angel Falls and Devils Canyon in the heart of Canaima National Park. Arriving in Kavak, you will be led by a native Pemon Indian on a hike across the savannah and through lush rainforest to a series of spectacular waterfalls and the Kavak gorge. There is plenty of time for exploring this remarkable area, including a swim up the narrow canyon into an ancient waterfall "bowl" carved into the jungle and rock by thousands of years of relentless streamflow. Returning to Kavak, enjoy a grilled lunch and refreshments before boarding our return charter flight to Canaima.

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